Inexhaustible Grace

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“Think about it: beneath your happiest moments and closest relationships inevitably lies some instance of being loved in weakness or deserved judgment. Someone let you off hook when you least deserved it. A friend suspended judgment at a key moment. Your father was lenient when you wrecked his car. Your teacher gave you an extension, even though she knew you’d … Read More

Tchividjian Responds to Rick Phillips

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Many have expressed some concern over Tchvidjian’s writing in recent times. He responds to these concerns, and specifically Rick Phillips, in his latest blog post over at TGC.  However, I think that his statement in one of the comments is particularly helpful: “I’m interested in eradicating the spiritual narcissism that we Evangelicals have adopted and called “sanctification.” It’s unarguable that holiness … Read More

Sanctification and Faith – In Response to Tullian Tchividjian (Link)

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Tullian Tchividjian talks about the dangers of accountability groups here: I have posted a response in the comments but wanted to copy it here in case it doesn’t make the cut!Here goes: It seems that the whole debate about sanctification focuses on the question of how much effort a Christian should put into their own sanctification and where that effort … Read More

Healthy Pursuit of Holiness

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Kevin DeYoung states: “Our union with Christ is fixed and secure. We cannot be more or less in union with him. We have been joined to Christ by the Holy Spirit through faith. But our communion with him allows for variance and degrees. Just as you can’t be more or less married, but can have a sweeter or sourer marriage, … Read More