Who Can Speak Of Jesus But Himself? – Spurgeon

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My Brothers and Sisters, who can speak of Jesus but Himself? He masters all our eloquence. His perfection exceeds our understanding! The light of His excellence is too bright for us, it blinds our eyes! Our Beloved must be His own mirror. None but Jesus can reveal Jesus! He sets Himself forth by many choice metaphors and instructive emblems by … Read More

God’s Mercy Appeared – Bernard

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The goodness and humanity of God our Saviour have appeared in our midst. Before the Son of God became man his goodness was hidden, for God’s mercy is eternal, but how could such goodness be recognized? It was promised, but it was not experienced, and as a result few believed in it.  Often and in many ways the Lord used … Read More

Seeing Christ in Creation – Jonathan Edwards

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“When we are delighted with flowery meadows and gentle breezes of wind, we may consider that we see only the emanations of the sweet benevolence of Jesus Christ. When we behold the fragrant rose and lily, we see His love and purity. So the green trees and fields and singing of birds are the emanations of His infinite joy and … Read More

Thoughts on Christocentric Interpretation

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If biblical theologians are to avoid the charge of foundationalism without falling into the circularity inherent in the argument for christocentric interpretation of Scripture then we must search for an irreducible minimum to which the catholic Church may appeal.  Such is found in Christ himself, not only as revealed in Scripture but as encountered in the life of faith.  If … Read More