The Feast of Dedication and a Possible Resurrection Motif in John 10:22-39

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The discussion regarding Jesus’ relationship with the Father in John 10:22ff happens, according to the Johannine author (v.22), against the backdrop of the Feast of Dedication (or Hannukah).  This editorial note by John is quite possibly a deliberate parallel reference to the resurrection of Jesus.  If this is the case then it sheds further light on the authorial purpose of … Read More

Our Spiritual Inheritance – Martin Luther

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 Is Christ really our brother, then I would like to know what we can be in need of? His heritage is life and death, sin and grace, all that is in heaven and earth, eternal truth, power, wisdom, righteousness; he governs and rules over all, over hunger and thirst, over fortune and misfortune, over everything imaginable, whether in heaven or … Read More

If Christ Is Not Raised…

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If Christ Is Not Raised…1 Corinthians 15:1-34 The following sermon is in lieu of a recorded message and has been produced from the notes I used to preach at Turners Hill Free Church on 24th of March 2013 on the passage above. In Chapter 15 of 1 Corinthians Paul turns to the last major topic of the letter, the resurrection … Read More