William Guthrie on Being Filled With The Holy Spirit

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“It is a glorious divine manifestation of God unto the soul, shedding abroad God’s love in the heart; it is a thing better felt than spoken of: it is no audible voice, but it is a ray of glory filling the soul with God, as He is life, light, love, and liberty, corresponding to that audible voice, ‘O man, greatly … Read More

Cromwell’s Chaplain on Being Filled With The Holy Spirit

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“Dec 26, 1689.  After that I had long, seriously, and repeatedly thought with myself, that besides a full and undoubted assent to the objects of faith, a vivifying, savoury taste and relish of them was also necessary, that with stronger force and more powerful energy, they might penetrate into the most inward centre of  my heart, and there being most … Read More

Of Angels and Puritans

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A strange and memorable thing. After outpourings of prayer, with the utmost fervor and fasting, there appeared an Angel, whose face shone like the noonday sun. His features were those of a man, and beardless; his head encircled by a splendid tiara; on his shoulders were wings; his garments were white and shining; his robe reached to his ankles; and … Read More

The Minister as Matchmaker

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Anyone who preaches would do well to remember this description of the job by the Puritan Richard Sibbes: Ministers by their calling are friends of the Bride, and to bring Christ and his Spouse together, and therefore ought, upon all good occasions, to lay open all the excellencies of Christ, and amongst others, as that he is highly born, mighty, … Read More