Augustine’s Preaching Style

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This morning I came across a sermon by Augustine from around the end of the 4th Century AD.  It is on John 1:34-51 and its format fascinated me. Firstly, it is so recognisable to a contemporary Christian setting.  For example he begins almost conversationally: “We rejoice at your numbers, for you have come together with readiness and in greater numbers than … Read More

John 1:14 – He Made His Dwelling Among Us

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John 1:14 – He Made His Dwelling Among Us An edited sermon transcript 1. Introduction Today I just want to look with you at one verse from John Chapter 1, that is verse 14. The reason we’re taking our time and looking at short verses is because this first section of John is like an index page for the rest … Read More

The Praise of The Speaker

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“For the praise of the speaker does not consist in applause, but in the zeal of the hearers for godliness: not in noise made just at the time of hearing, but in lasting earnestness. As soon as applause has issued from the lips it is dispersed in air and perishes; but the moral improvement of the hearers brings an imperishable and immortal reward both to him who speaks and … Read More

The Minister as Matchmaker

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Anyone who preaches would do well to remember this description of the job by the Puritan Richard Sibbes: Ministers by their calling are friends of the Bride, and to bring Christ and his Spouse together, and therefore ought, upon all good occasions, to lay open all the excellencies of Christ, and amongst others, as that he is highly born, mighty, … Read More

Mark Driscoll on Jesus’ Family Background

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Mark Driscoll recenctly gave a great sermon at Mars Hill on the family background of Jesus : In the past he has been accused of having a contextualising agenda (e.g. in his description of Noah as a drunk red-neck), but I think  this last sermon was a great example of valid contextualisation.  He went back and uncovered the theology in situ and then … Read More

Deep Preaching

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“A light, trivial, man-centered sermon is a mix of God’s Word and man’s hubris. But isn’t there as much hubris in preaching that is academic boredom as there is in preaching that is folksy banter? Let’s be honest. We can’t excuse boring sermons because we parsed our verbs correctly any more than we can excuse light fluffy sermons because we … Read More