How To Pray – St Isaac the Syrian

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• Pray with attention – so that we can have a true encounter with God • Pray with humility – because this sort of prayer goes straight to God’s ear • Pray with affection and tears – with joy and thanksgiving, but also with true repentance and purity. • Pray with patience and ardor – ‘to deny oneself’ is courageously to … Read More

Does Prayer Actually Change Anything?

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“Can we believe that God really modifies his action in response to the suggestions of men?” C.S. Lewis goes on to answer his own question with beautiful lucidity: “For infinite wisdom does not need telling what is best, and infinite goodness needs no urging to do it. But neither does God need any of those things that are done by finite … Read More

The Prayer of A Poor Man

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Abba Father, Though I am poor and my gift is small, Out of your blessing to me I bring to you an offering of obedience, in faith, That I might enjoy fellowship with you. I know that everything I have is from you, According to the grace given to me, may I give back to you. Thank you that your … Read More

John Bunyan – Difficult Prayer

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John Bunyan writes with honesty and insight of his own experiences in prayer: May I but speak my own experience, and from that tell you the difficulty of praying to God as I ought, it is enough to make your poor, blind, carnal men to entertain strange thoughts of me. For, as for my heart, when I go to pray, … Read More