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Here I am–why this senseless fear? The night is over, the day will soon arise. You hear. The shepherds’ horns already sound, And stars grow pale over the rosy glow. The path is straight. We are at the edge. Down in the village the little bell chimes. Roosters on the fences greet the light And the earth steams, fertile and … Read More

Whispers of Grace

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With a tremor of its wafer wing, They say, a butterfly in Beijing Can, in time, spin a tornado across the Kansas plain, Or hurl a tidal wave booming Into Carolina’s tranquil bays. So, what then of a kiss for the dying, An embrace for the untouched, Or a tenderness to the crushed? What of a whisper of grace, A … Read More

Scazons – C.S. Lewis

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Walking to-day by a cottage I shed tears When I remembered how once I had walked there With my friends who are mortal and dead. Years Little had healed the wound that was laid bare. Out little spear that stabs! I, fool, believed I had outgrown the local, unique sting, I had transmuted wholly (I was deceived) Into Love universal … Read More

The Fear of God

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My fear of Thee, O Lord, exults Like life within my veins, A fear which tightly claims to be One of love’s sacred pains. There is no joy the soul can meet Upon life’s various road Like the sweet fear that sits and shrinks Under the eye of God. Oh, Thou art greatly to be feared, Thou art so prompt … Read More