Spurgeon On Loving Sinners

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O ye that are now in the flock, think of the love of Christ to you when you were outside the fold; when you had no wish to return; when seeing him pursuing you, you only ran faster to escape his almighty love!  Notwithstanding all my rebellion, and all my wilful transgression, he still loved me with his heart, and … Read More

How Can We Repay God? – Basil of Caesarea

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What words can adequately describe God’s gifts? They are so many that they cannot be numbered. They are so great that any one of them demands our total gratitude in response. Yet even though we cannot speak of it worthily, there is one gift which no thoughtful man can pass over in silence. God fashioned man in his own image and likeness; … Read More

The Binding Power Of Love – Clement of Rome

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Who can express the binding power of divine love? Who can find words for the splendour of its beauty? Beyond all description are the heights to which it lifts us. Love unites us to God; it cancels innumerable sins, has no limits to its endurance, bears everything patiently. Love is neither servile nor arrogant. It does not provoke schisms or … Read More

St. Columban – Light Everlasting

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How blessed, how fortunate, are those servants whom the Lord will find watchful when he comes. Blessed is the time of waiting when we stay awake for the Lord, the Creator of the universe, who fills all things and transcends all things. How I wish he would awaken me, his humble servant, from the sleep of slothfulness, even though I … Read More

Learn From Jesus How To Love – Aphrahat

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This is how our Saviour taught us diligently to manifest love: first he perfected it in himself, and then he taught those who heard him. He reconciled our enmity with his Father because he loved us, and he yielded up his innocence in the place of the debtors, and the Good in place of the evil ones was put to … Read More

The Great Discovery Of The Gospel – John Owen

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“Communion with the Father Consists in Love. This is the great discovery of the gospel: for whereas the Father, as the fountain of Deity, is not known any other way but as full of wrath, anger and indignation against sin, nor can the sons of men have any other thoughts of him1 – here he is now revealed peculiarly as … Read More

Love Must Be Visible – Francis Schaeffer

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In a sinful world, grace is always love’s first expression. Ray Ortland helpfully picks out this thought from Schaeffer’s “The Mark of the Christian”: Francis Schaeffer proposed two powerful things we can do, to display observable love for one another in response to these verses and also John 17:23: One, “When I have failed to love my Christian brother, I go … Read More

The Spirit Filled Church – Clement’s Epistle to The Corinthians

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Below is a quote from Clement of Rome’s letter to the Corinthians in which he describes the fullness of life the Corinthians enjoyed prior to the crisis in the leadership that he was writing to correct.  What is most noticeable is the link he makes between their humble obedience and the pouring  out of the Spirit.  Far from being an … Read More