Seeing Christ in Creation – Jonathan Edwards

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“When we are delighted with flowery meadows and gentle breezes of wind, we may consider that we see only the emanations of the sweet benevolence of Jesus Christ. When we behold the fragrant rose and lily, we see His love and purity. So the green trees and fields and singing of birds are the emanations of His infinite joy and … Read More

Sarah Edwards & God’s Manifest Presence

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Jonathan Edwards records his wife’s testimony of God’s manifest presence when, in his words,  “God seemed to vouchsafe to her, for a long period, a degree of spiritual light and enjoyment, which seemed to be, in reality, an anticipation of the joys of the heavenly world.” She recorded the following, which is worth reading in its entirety: “On Tuesday night, … Read More

Religious Affections

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I find Jonathan Edwards’ assertion unanswerable that religious affections are a necessity in Christian faith since we are commanded to love the Lord our God with all our heart, mind soul and strength. What does that mean in practice? According to scripture, creation itself declares to us that God deserves our total worship.  God’s word clarifies, commends and commands that … Read More