Spurgeon On Loving Sinners

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O ye that are now in the flock, think of the love of Christ to you when you were outside the fold; when you had no wish to return; when seeing him pursuing you, you only ran faster to escape his almighty love!  Notwithstanding all my rebellion, and all my wilful transgression, he still loved me with his heart, and … Read More

Love Must Be Visible – Francis Schaeffer

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In a sinful world, grace is always love’s first expression. Ray Ortland helpfully picks out this thought from Schaeffer’s “The Mark of the Christian”: Francis Schaeffer proposed two powerful things we can do, to display observable love for one another in response to these verses and also John 17:23: One, “When I have failed to love my Christian brother, I go … Read More

Edenic Grace

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What if Eden was a place not of perfection per se, but of perfect grace? What if Adam enjoyed bliss, not because of absolute spiritual and physical wholeness, but by virtue of God’s graceful declaration that humanity was “very good”?  We are so used to thinking of sinlessness, righteousness and perfection as static states, but what if they are defined not … Read More

Inexhaustible Grace

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“Think about it: beneath your happiest moments and closest relationships inevitably lies some instance of being loved in weakness or deserved judgment. Someone let you off hook when you least deserved it. A friend suspended judgment at a key moment. Your father was lenient when you wrecked his car. Your teacher gave you an extension, even though she knew you’d … Read More

Self Righteousness Is…

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Self-righteousness is like a rich man coming to God’s temple to sacrifice a lamb and thinking that he is more acceptable to God than the poor man who comes with two doves. Whatever faith and repentance God grants us is to his credit, not ours. Our acts of repentance and faith are not to be confused with the righteousness that … Read More

Sanctification – The River of God’s Grace

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Sanctification is an inevitable process in the life of the true believer. The question is do we co-operate with God in this process, do we ignore it, or can we resist him? Our experience of God’s sanctification is different depending on our response, the end result is ultimately the same. Ignoring the process is classic holiness teaching, let go and … Read More