Spurgeon On Loving Sinners

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O ye that are now in the flock, think of the love of Christ to you when you were outside the fold; when you had no wish to return; when seeing him pursuing you, you only ran faster to escape his almighty love!  Notwithstanding all my rebellion, and all my wilful transgression, he still loved me with his heart, and … Read More

Introverted Evangelism

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Seth McBee writes as someone who wants to tell people about Jesus, but doesn’t find typical methods of evangelism easy: “For most of us this is what we think of when we think of an evangelist: the semi-crazy person that we admire for their zeal. We are impressed with their courage, but we know that if that is what we are called … Read More

Evangelism & Fear

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Thabiti Anyabwile shares an encouraging story of personal evangelism in the light of his own fears and desires.  The analysis of his inner struggle and the ending of the story are encouraging.  (click for link)