Recapitulation in Christ – Irenaeus of Lyons

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“The Word of God, the Only Son, has always been present to humanity. According to the Father’s pleasure, he has united and mingled himself with the work which he had formed. He became flesh. This Word made flesh is Jesus Christ, Our Lord. It is he who suffered for us, who has been raised for us, who will return in … Read More

Thoughts on Christocentric Interpretation

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If biblical theologians are to avoid the charge of foundationalism without falling into the circularity inherent in the argument for christocentric interpretation of Scripture then we must search for an irreducible minimum to which the catholic Church may appeal.  Such is found in Christ himself, not only as revealed in Scripture but as encountered in the life of faith.  If … Read More

Christ in the Old Testament, Moses in the New Testament

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Preaching Christ in the Old Testament is a hot topic among Evangelical preachers, Daniel Block suggests over at TGC that we should preach Christotelically rather than Christocentrically.  I agree. He also makes the interesting point that “[i]f there is a second Moses in the New Testament, that person is Paul.”  This is something that I’ve been thinking about recently, and I think the … Read More