Living with Disability

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See how Krista Horning lives with disability: A wonderful testimony to the power of God’s Word speaking truth into our lives. Lord, your love reaches to the heavens.  There is no place on Earth where your glory is not proclaimed.   Your grace and mercy are beyond measure.  You save us in so many ways for such good things. … Read More

A New Mission Statement For Our Church

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Our mission is to glorify God through obedience to Jesus Christ, he has commanded us to believe in him and love one another as he loved us. The astounding truth of Jesus’ gospel is that God pronounces righteous all those who come to him in repentance and faith, overlooking our sin because of Jesus’ death on the cross. Just as … Read More

Self Righteousness Is…

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Self-righteousness is like a rich man coming to God’s temple to sacrifice a lamb and thinking that he is more acceptable to God than the poor man who comes with two doves. Whatever faith and repentance God grants us is to his credit, not ours. Our acts of repentance and faith are not to be confused with the righteousness that … Read More

What Shall I Render to You?

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I bless You, O Lord, though I am powerless, You strengthen my weakness. You stretch forth from above Your helping hand and bring me back unto Yourself. What shall I render to You, O all-good Master, for all the good things You have done and continue to do for me, the sinner? I will cease not to bless You all … Read More

Without Faith It Is Impossible To Please God

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….so says Hebrews 11:6 Why is this? The heart of self-righteousness is thinking that our efforts to obey God are ever equivalent to doing everything that God says we should do.  Whatever obedience we can achieve is only ever an act of repentance and faith in God, it is necessary, but it is not the whole thing.  But when we … Read More

A Voice in Babel

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What is the best way to communicate the gospel in an age of information saturation? Ironically I think the contemporary situation is analogous to that of the Early Church when information saturation was the opposite of most people’s problem.  Limited opportunities for communication meant that evangelism and discipleship had to be complete, concise and backed up by a life of … Read More

Sanctification – The River of God’s Grace

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Sanctification is an inevitable process in the life of the true believer. The question is do we co-operate with God in this process, do we ignore it, or can we resist him? Our experience of God’s sanctification is different depending on our response, the end result is ultimately the same. Ignoring the process is classic holiness teaching, let go and … Read More