Wright’s Right

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N.T. Wright argues that one of the vital things that’s at stake in his discussion of the biblical meaning of justification is “the key work of the Holy Spirit in enabling the already-justified believers to live with moral energy and will so that they really do ‘please God’ as Paul says again and again (but as Reformed theology is shy … Read More

Mark’s Gospel, Peter’s Memoirs

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Here is a great article giving a forensic analysis of evidence that Mark’s Gospel is an eyewitness account given by Peter and written down by John Mark: http://pleaseconvinceme.com/2012/marks-gospel-is-an-early-memoir-of-peter-2/

Is My Giving Weighed And Found Wanting?

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It says in Proverbs: “give me neither poverty nor riches; feed me with the food that is needful for me, lest I be full and deny you and say, “Who is the LORD?” Phil Cogan has written a wonderful, challenging post about our attitude to finance and giving over at Matthias Media here: http://matthiasmedia.com/briefing/2012/11/leading-in-finances , I would highly recommend reading it.

The New Religion Proving Popular With Millions

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C.S. Lewis is prophetically relevant once again: http://thegospelcoalition.org/blogs/justintaylor/2012/11/23/the-magicians-twin-c-s-lewis-and-the-case-against-scientism/ Does science disprove God? Can science solve all of our social problems? Should scientists try to evolve a superior race? How much surveillance of ordinary people by new technologies is acceptable N.B. Original article over at CSLewisWeb and the video on YouTube

Is the CofE a Sect?

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“What has happened as a consequence of the decision by general synod is the Church of England no longer looks like a national church, it simply looks like a sect like any other sect” So said Sir Tony Baldry, Second Church Estates Commissioner yesterday. “Enter through the narrow gate. For wide is the gate and broad is the road that leads to … Read More

Modern Israel & The Promised Land: 2 Perspectives

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Here’s a link to an excellent short discussion in 2 parts between John Piper and David Brickner (Jews for Jesus) discussing whether Jews have a divine right to the Promised Land: Part 1: David Brickner http://www.christianitytoday.com/ct/2012/juneweb-only/john-piper-david-brickner-israel.html?paging=off Part 2: John Piper http://www.christianitytoday.com/ct/2012/juneweb-only/john-piper-responds-to-david-brickner-israel.html?paging=off

Women Bishops Etc.

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Should the Church of England have voted in favour of Women Bishops?  As an unchristened Free Church minister I am eminently unqualified to answer that question, but I do think it touches sufficiently on the wider issue of women in church leadership and that makes it worth exploring from an outside perspective. I feel the whole debate revolves around one … Read More

More Faith = More Healing?

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Is it possible to say that healing is connected to the quantity or volume of our faith without questioning God’s character? The problem is that the Gospels seem to suggest that the Lord values plain faith so much that he responds to it in a way that goes against our instinctive understanding of the Lord’s justice.  While we celebrate the … Read More

Christ in the Old Testament, Moses in the New Testament

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Preaching Christ in the Old Testament is a hot topic among Evangelical preachers, Daniel Block suggests over at TGC that we should preach Christotelically rather than Christocentrically.  I agree. He also makes the interesting point that “[i]f there is a second Moses in the New Testament, that person is Paul.”  This is something that I’ve been thinking about recently, and I think the … Read More

I Give You Glory, O Christ

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I Give You Glory, O Christ I give You glory, O Christ, because You, the Only Begotten, the Lord of all things, who alone are without sin, gave Yourself to die for me, a sinner unworthy of such a blessing: You died the death of the cross to free my sinful soul from the bonds of sin… Glory to You … Read More