Self Righteousness Is…

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Self-righteousness is like a rich man coming to God’s temple to sacrifice a lamb and thinking that he is more acceptable to God than the poor man who comes with two doves. Whatever faith and repentance God grants us is to his credit, not ours. Our acts of repentance and faith are not to be confused with the righteousness that … Read More

Without Faith It Is Impossible To Please God

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….so says Hebrews 11:6 Why is this? The heart of self-righteousness is thinking that our efforts to obey God are ever equivalent to doing everything that God says we should do.  Whatever obedience we can achieve is only ever an act of repentance and faith in God, it is necessary, but it is not the whole thing.  But when we … Read More

A Voice in Babel

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What is the best way to communicate the gospel in an age of information saturation? Ironically I think the contemporary situation is analogous to that of the Early Church when information saturation was the opposite of most people’s problem.  Limited opportunities for communication meant that evangelism and discipleship had to be complete, concise and backed up by a life of … Read More

Sanctification – The River of God’s Grace

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Sanctification is an inevitable process in the life of the true believer. The question is do we co-operate with God in this process, do we ignore it, or can we resist him? Our experience of God’s sanctification is different depending on our response, the end result is ultimately the same. Ignoring the process is classic holiness teaching, let go and … Read More

Sanctification and Faith – In Response to Tullian Tchividjian (Link)

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Tullian Tchividjian talks about the dangers of accountability groups here: I have posted a response in the comments but wanted to copy it here in case it doesn’t make the cut!Here goes: It seems that the whole debate about sanctification focuses on the question of how much effort a Christian should put into their own sanctification and where that effort … Read More

Religious Affections

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I find Jonathan Edwards’ assertion unanswerable that religious affections are a necessity in Christian faith since we are commanded to love the Lord our God with all our heart, mind soul and strength. What does that mean in practice? According to scripture, creation itself declares to us that God deserves our total worship.  God’s word clarifies, commends and commands that … Read More

Deep Preaching

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“A light, trivial, man-centered sermon is a mix of God’s Word and man’s hubris. But isn’t there as much hubris in preaching that is academic boredom as there is in preaching that is folksy banter? Let’s be honest. We can’t excuse boring sermons because we parsed our verbs correctly any more than we can excuse light fluffy sermons because we … Read More

Healthy Pursuit of Holiness

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Kevin DeYoung states: “Our union with Christ is fixed and secure. We cannot be more or less in union with him. We have been joined to Christ by the Holy Spirit through faith. But our communion with him allows for variance and degrees. Just as you can’t be more or less married, but can have a sweeter or sourer marriage, … Read More