Church Fellowship & Redemptive Community

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Problems in the world around us should cause the Church to come to a greater understanding of its own mission. Chris Castaldo quotes Rodney Stark on the early Christians in Antioch: [Antioch was] a city filled with misery, danger, fear, despair, and hatred. A city where the average family lived a squalid life in filthy and cramped quarters, where at least … Read More

Worshipful Diversity

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“[In these days it is] possible to imagine a fully harmonious and spiritually edifying service of Christian worship where new Christian believers played Palestrina on the indigenous musical instruments of Burkina Faso, where an African American gospel choir led in a chorale of Heinrich Schütz, where white middle-class Presbyterians surged with Christian ecstasy to the beat of a drum, where … Read More

News From a Country We Have Never Yet Visited

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“In speaking of this desire for our own faroff country, which we find in ourselves even now, I feel a certain shyness. I am almost committing an indecency. I am trying to rip open the inconsolable secret in each one of you—the secret which hurts so much that you take your revenge on it by calling it names like Nostalgia … Read More

What’s the Point of Theology?

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Theology is speech about God.  It is a science of enquiry into an inherently undiscoverable subject and is therefore dependent solely on God’s self-revelation.  Therefore, theology cannot speak a single word until God has spoken first. But what if God speaks?  What next? The biggest mistake we make is to jump straight to asking, “What did God say?”  But think … Read More

Tchividjian Responds to Rick Phillips

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Many have expressed some concern over Tchvidjian’s writing in recent times. He responds to these concerns, and specifically Rick Phillips, in his latest blog post over at TGC.  However, I think that his statement in one of the comments is particularly helpful: “I’m interested in eradicating the spiritual narcissism that we Evangelicals have adopted and called “sanctification.” It’s unarguable that holiness … Read More

Wright’s Right

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N.T. Wright argues that one of the vital things that’s at stake in his discussion of the biblical meaning of justification is “the key work of the Holy Spirit in enabling the already-justified believers to live with moral energy and will so that they really do ‘please God’ as Paul says again and again (but as Reformed theology is shy … Read More

Is the CofE a Sect?

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“What has happened as a consequence of the decision by general synod is the Church of England no longer looks like a national church, it simply looks like a sect like any other sect” So said Sir Tony Baldry, Second Church Estates Commissioner yesterday. “Enter through the narrow gate. For wide is the gate and broad is the road that leads to … Read More

Women Bishops Etc.

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Should the Church of England have voted in favour of Women Bishops?  As an unchristened Free Church minister I am eminently unqualified to answer that question, but I do think it touches sufficiently on the wider issue of women in church leadership and that makes it worth exploring from an outside perspective. I feel the whole debate revolves around one … Read More

More Faith = More Healing?

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Is it possible to say that healing is connected to the quantity or volume of our faith without questioning God’s character? The problem is that the Gospels seem to suggest that the Lord values plain faith so much that he responds to it in a way that goes against our instinctive understanding of the Lord’s justice.  While we celebrate the … Read More

Christ in the Old Testament, Moses in the New Testament

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Preaching Christ in the Old Testament is a hot topic among Evangelical preachers, Daniel Block suggests over at TGC that we should preach Christotelically rather than Christocentrically.  I agree. He also makes the interesting point that “[i]f there is a second Moses in the New Testament, that person is Paul.”  This is something that I’ve been thinking about recently, and I think the … Read More