The Spirit Filled Church – Clement’s Epistle to The Corinthians

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Below is a quote from Clement of Rome’s letter to the Corinthians in which he describes the fullness of life the Corinthians enjoyed prior to the crisis in the leadership that he was writing to correct.  What is most noticeable is the link he makes between their humble obedience and the pouring  out of the Spirit.  Far from being an … Read More

Edenic Grace

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What if Eden was a place not of perfection per se, but of perfect grace? What if Adam enjoyed bliss, not because of absolute spiritual and physical wholeness, but by virtue of God’s graceful declaration that humanity was “very good”?  We are so used to thinking of sinlessness, righteousness and perfection as static states, but what if they are defined not … Read More

Strange Fire, Red Herrings & Discernment

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“I resigned as an elder because people falling over backwards is not in the Bible, therefore it cannot be from God.” I heard this statement about 14 years ago when I was a student in London.  The man was a former elder of a large, well-known church in London and this was my first encounter with the theology espoused at … Read More

Inexhaustible Grace

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“Think about it: beneath your happiest moments and closest relationships inevitably lies some instance of being loved in weakness or deserved judgment. Someone let you off hook when you least deserved it. A friend suspended judgment at a key moment. Your father was lenient when you wrecked his car. Your teacher gave you an extension, even though she knew you’d … Read More

The Jacob Theme in John 1:43-51

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Why does John include this theme about Jacob in this part of his Gospel (John 1:43-51). It has been observed throughout church history that the conversation between Jesus and Nathanael is full of references to Jacob.  Firstly,  we have Jesus initial “Here is a true Israelite in whom there is no deceit” (a reference to Jacob’s two names and their … Read More

Augustine’s Preaching Style

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This morning I came across a sermon by Augustine from around the end of the 4th Century AD.  It is on John 1:34-51 and its format fascinated me. Firstly, it is so recognisable to a contemporary Christian setting.  For example he begins almost conversationally: “We rejoice at your numbers, for you have come together with readiness and in greater numbers than … Read More

God Hates Visionary Dreaming

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Like running into a brick wall.  Just occasionally reading can be like that.  Something stops us dead in our tracks and leaves us wondering: a) Why didn’t I see this coming? b) How did I end up on this path, where this person’s opinion comes as such a shock? c) What do I do now?  Climb carefully over the wall, … Read More

Thoughts on Christocentric Interpretation

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If biblical theologians are to avoid the charge of foundationalism without falling into the circularity inherent in the argument for christocentric interpretation of Scripture then we must search for an irreducible minimum to which the catholic Church may appeal.  Such is found in Christ himself, not only as revealed in Scripture but as encountered in the life of faith.  If … Read More

Worship Shapes Us – But How?

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In a brilliantly insightful discussion on the relationship between worship, discipleship and mission  James K.A. Smith states the following: “The point is this: a lot of Christians (including pastors and Christian leaders) have implicitly and unwittingly bought into a view of action and behavior that overestimates thinking. This is even true in sectors of evangelicalism that are suspicious of education … Read More