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Here I am–why this senseless fear? The night is over, the day will soon arise. You hear. The shepherds’ horns already sound, And stars grow pale over the rosy glow. The path is straight. We are at the edge. Down in the village the little bell chimes. Roosters on the fences greet the light And the earth steams, fertile and … Read More

The Next Culture War – Rod Dreher

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by ROD DREHER: David Brooks points out that orthodox Christians have lost the culture war decisively, and ponders three futures for our tribe. Excerpt: The Supreme Court’s gay marriage decision landed like some sort of culminating body blow onto this beleaguered climate. Rod Dreher, author of the truly outstanding book “How Dante Can Save Your Life,” wrote an essay in Time … Read More

The Church In Exile

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Carl Trueman writes: The Christian church on earth is always, in a sense, in exile. Whatever the incidental identities of her members may be—whether of nationality, race, class, or gender—their ultimate identity is that they are in Christ and belong to him. Compared to the ephemeral categories that human cultures have created for distinguishing one from another, this foundation in … Read More

Something Greater Than Marriage

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Rosaria Butterfield & Christopher Yuan write: The Supreme Court of the United States of America has made gay marriage legal in all 50 states, and much of our country celebrates. The world with its rainbow flags waving proudly and plentifully was our world. We locked arms with our LGBT loved ones and friends and believed they were truly and honestly our family … Read More


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“Christianity… makes frankly impossible demands. Instead of asking for specific actions, it offers general but lunatic principles. It thinks you should give your possessions away, refuse to defend yourself, love strangers as much as your family, behave as if there’s no tomorrow. These principles do not amount to a sustainable program. They deliberately ignore the question of how they could … Read More

Some Anabaptist Challenges to Reformed Theology

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An interesting article by Derek Radney at TGC,  here’s his final paragraph: .”..[H]ere’s what I think our Anabaptist friends may be seeing that we should consider: in our recovery of the gospel of grace, we’ve failed to kill the latent triumphalism and Constantinianism of evangelicalism, especially in our ecclesiology. In other words, many of us are still operating with the … Read More

Seeing Christ in Creation – Jonathan Edwards

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“When we are delighted with flowery meadows and gentle breezes of wind, we may consider that we see only the emanations of the sweet benevolence of Jesus Christ. When we behold the fragrant rose and lily, we see His love and purity. So the green trees and fields and singing of birds are the emanations of His infinite joy and … Read More

Simple Models for Missional Communities

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Worth a read : A solid, simple article on missional communities by Todd Engstrom from The Austin Stone Community Church. Here:  

C.S Lewis on Fantasy vs Real-World Fiction

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Regarding the relative dangers and merits of fantasy and real-world fiction C. S. Lewis writes: “The fantasies did not deceive me: the school stories did. All stories in which children have adventures and successes which are possible, in the sense that they do not break the laws of nature, but almost infinitely improbable, are in more danger than the fairy … Read More