Jesus Christ is Lord and I belong to him.  This blog is about those things. I’m a pastor of a church in West Sussex, UK.

I post as regularly as I can, but it’s pretty much based on stuff I’m thinking about or if I read something that makes me think, so it can be several times a day, but occasionally a week goes by with nothing new to write.

I try and stay up with developments in popular and academic reformed theology, so some of the topics will be related to things around that.

Thanks for visiting, I love feedback and interaction so please feel free to comment or question, add links etc.

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  1. Michael Horan

    Most if not all of the stuff on your website (if that’s what it’s called) that I’ve looked at in the past day or so appears to be so OLD. I’m betting a week’s tea money that in spite of your statement above, that ‘I love feedback and interaction’, you never look at these pages. Tell me I’m wrong. You appear to have spent an enormous amount of your valuable time creating all this impressive material — but what amount of response are you getting?
    Michael Horan 8 March 2015

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