Thick Communities and The Future of The Church

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“Most of us do not live in thick communities.  My contention is that if we do not develop these communities, then our faith, over a generation or two, will be lost. Modernity is that corrosive of the faith’s foundations.”  Rod Dreher

More here: (a useful summary of Dreher’s ideas and response to critique:

One Comment on “Thick Communities and The Future of The Church”

  1. Tina Bea

    I found this…..They haven’t just made it a Man’s Law…..They are completely bastardising God’s Law in the Church. But Geoff…..honestly…..this is just the “birth pains”…..but I think Our Lord has already opened your eyes to this….. God Bless and give you Strength. X,3I3TP,K0NUXG,CJRRP,1

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