Who Can Speak Of Jesus But Himself? – Spurgeon

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My Brothers and Sisters, who can speak of Jesus but Himself? He masters all our eloquence. His perfection exceeds our understanding! The light of His excellence is too bright for us, it blinds our eyes! Our Beloved must be His own mirror. None but Jesus can reveal Jesus!

He sets Himself forth by many choice metaphors and instructive emblems by which He would make us know some little of that love which passes knowledge. With His own hands, He fills a golden cup out of the river of His own infinity and hands it to us that we may drink and be refreshed.

The Lord Jesus fills out every type, figure, and character—and when the vessel is filled, there is an overflow. Emblems to set Him forth may be multiplied as the drops of the morning, but the whole multitude will fail to reflect all His brightness!

Creation is too small a frame in which to hang His likeness. Human thought is too contracted, human speech too feeble to set Him forth to the fullest. When all the emblems in earth and Heaven shall have described Him to their utmost, there will remain something not yet described. You may square the circle before you can set forth Christ in the language of mortal men! He is inconceivably above our conceptions, unutterably above our utterances!

Charles Spurgeon – Our Own Dear Shepherd, Sermon #1877

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  1. Michael Horan

    Good day, Geoff (I’ve no idea whether or not you look at these feedback panels, of course).

    I thought I’d read your article about women CofE bishops — unlike your response, the subject makes me yawn, on the basis that this organization should have appointed women bishops donkeys’ years ago. As a defender of the faith, I am so dismayed by what you’ve written, I don’t think I’ll be able to sleep tonight. Thank goodness for freedom of speech, though.

    Michael Horan 6 March 2015

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