How To Pray – St Isaac the Syrian

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• Pray with attention – so that we can have a true
encounter with God

• Pray with humility – because this sort of prayer goes
straight to God’s ear

• Pray with affection and tears – with joy and
thanksgiving, but also with true repentance and purity.

• Pray with patience and ardor – ‘to deny oneself’ is
courageously to persevere in prayer.

• Pray from the depths of the heart – even if we pray
using ‘the words of another’ they should be uttered as if
they are our own. St. Isaac says this is especially true
of the Psalms.

• Pray with faith and absolute trust in God – because He knows our life.

Isaac the Syrian was a 7th Century Bishop, born in what today would be Qatar.  He was Bishop of Ninevah (in modern-day Iraq) and studied and wrote extensively.  He is particularly renowned for his teaching on prayer which is still used in many Orthodox churches today.  

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