Recapitulation in Christ – Irenaeus of Lyons

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“The Word of God, the Only Son, has always been present to humanity. According to the Father’s pleasure, he has united and mingled himself with the work which he had formed. He became flesh. This Word made flesh is Jesus Christ, Our Lord. It is he who suffered for us, who has been raised for us, who will return in the Father’s glory in order to raise all flesh, to reveal salvation and to apply the rule of just judgement to all who will be subject to his power. There is, thus, only one God, the Father, as we have demonstrated; and one Christ Jesus, Our Lord, who has passed through all ‘economies’ and has recapitulated everything in himself (Eph 1:10). In this ‘everything’ man is also included, this work formed by God. He thus also recapitulated man in himself; invisible he became visible, indiscernible he became discernible, impassible he became passible, the Word made man. He recapitulated everything in himself in order that, just as the Word of God has the primacy over the supercelestial, spiritual and invisible beings, he might also have it over visible and corporeal beings, assuming this primacy in himself and setting himself up as Head of the Church (Eph 1:22) in order to draw all to himself at the proper time”

Irenaeus of Lyons, Adversus Haereses III:16:6.

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