Cromwell’s Chaplain on Being Filled With The Holy Spirit

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“Dec 26, 1689.  After that I had long, seriously, and repeatedly thought with myself, that besides a full and undoubted assent to the objects of faith, a vivifying, savoury taste and relish of them was also necessary, that with stronger force and more powerful energy, they might penetrate into the most inward centre of  my heart, and there being most deeply fixed and rooted, govern my life and that there could be no other sure ground whereon to conclude and pass as a sound judgement on my good estate God-ward; and after I had in my course of preaching been largely insisting on 2 Cor. 1:12.  This is my rejoicing, the testimony of a good conscience, etc.

This very morning I awoke out of a most ravishing and delightful dream, that a wonderful and copious stream of celestial rays, from the lofty throne of Divine Majesty, did seem to dart into my open and expanded breast.

I have often since with great complacency reflected on that very signal pledge of special divine favour vouchsafed to me on that noted memorable day; and have with repeated fresh pleasure tasted the delights thereof.  But what of the same kind I sensibly felt through the admirable bounty of my God and the most pleasant comforting influence of the Holy Spirit, on Oct. 22, 1704, far surpassed the most expressive words my thoughts can suggest.  I then experienced an inexpressibly pleasant melting of heart, tears gushing out of mine eyes, for joy that God should shed abroad his love abundantly through the hearts of me, and that for this very purpose mine own should be so signally possesed of and by his blessed Spirit.  Rom. 5:5.”

From “The Works of the Rev. John Howe”, and quoted by D. Martyn Lloyd Jones in his sermon: “Baptism in the Spirit (6)

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