Some Anabaptist Challenges to Reformed Theology

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An interesting article by Derek Radney at TGC,  here’s his final paragraph:

.”..[H]ere’s what I think our Anabaptist friends may be seeing that we should consider: in our recovery of the gospel of grace, we’ve failed to kill the latent triumphalism and Constantinianism of evangelicalism, especially in our ecclesiology. In other words, many of us are still operating with the background framework of Christendom. We’re comfortable in our cultural context and feel at home. Our churches expect the support of the culture and operate on the assumption that as leaders we can organize and control our church life so as to achieve the results we desire. We condemn the prosperity gospel yet expect church to feel like a place of success and victory. While these concerns may seem out of left field, I wonder if they’re much closer to home than we’ve been willing to admit.”

The full article is worth a read, here.




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