On Faith

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The Lord Jesus Christ is the perfect Reason, the Word of God; who was  begotten before the light; who was Creator with the Father; who was the   Fashioner of man; who was all things in all; Patriarch among the   patriarchs, Law in the law, Chief Priest among the priests, King among   the kings, Prophet among the prophets, Archangel among the angels; He   piloted Noah, conducted Abraham, was bound with Isaac, exiled with   Jacob, was Captain with Moses; He foretold his own sufferings in David   and the prophets; He was incarnate in the Virgin; worshipped by the   Magi; He healed the lame, gave sight to the blind, was rejected by the   people, condemned by Pilate, hanged upon the tree, buried in the earth,   rose from the dead and appeared to the apostles, ascended to heaven; He   is the Rest of the departed, the Recoverer of the lost, the Light of   the blind, the Refuge of the afflicted, the Bridegroom of the Church,   the Charioteer of the cherubim, the Captain of angels; God who is of   God, the Son of the Father, the King for ever and ever.

Melito of Sardis – On Faith – 2nd Century

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