Tchividjian Responds to Rick Phillips

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Many have expressed some concern over Tchvidjian’s writing in recent times. He responds to these concerns, and specifically Rick Phillips, in his latest blog post over at TGC.  However, I think that his statement in one of the comments is particularly helpful:

“I’m interested in eradicating the spiritual narcissism that we Evangelicals have adopted and called “sanctification.” It’s unarguable that holiness by grace is forgetting about yourself–or as Keller puts it, “Blessed Self-Forgetfulness.”

I think Tchividjian’s desire to eradicate spiritual narcissism perhaps leads him to leave the question of how we grow unanswered.  That silence leads some to think that he is attacking sanctification as a whole rather than a narcissistic parody of sanctification.

I wonder how his view of true sanctification matches with the long-standing Reformed systematic explanation of the process – see, for example, Hodge.

With all this debate going on it would seem that either the historical articulation of the doctrine is faulty or some popular Reformed theologians are suffering from historical snobbery!  Maybe a bit of both.

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