Christ in the Old Testament, Moses in the New Testament

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Preaching Christ in the Old Testament is a hot topic among Evangelical preachers, Daniel Block suggests over at TGC that we should preach Christotelically rather than Christocentrically.  I agree.

He also makes the interesting point that “[i]f there is a second Moses in the New Testament, that person is Paul.”  This is something that I’ve been thinking about recently, and I think the comparison is intriguing for a while host of reasons, but for starters, consider the following points of comparison:

Paul was a Jew, zealous for his people but misguided, willing to kill and complicit in murder to protect them, he was met and commissioned by God in a powerful and personal way, not at a burning bush but in a blinding light. Furthermore Paul alludes to his “mountain-top” unique revelatory encounters with God in 2 Corinthians, to his own poverty of speech, urges his churches not to be like those who fell in the wilderness, and saw his mission as calling a new people, out of slavery to sin into liberty and fullness of life in Christ.

Some questions:

  • Was this something Paul was aware of , or Luke his biographer? If so to what extent did it affect his understanding of his calling and his articulation of the gospel?
  • To what extent does this inform our understanding of apostleship?
  • What part did Paul’s revelatory experiences play in his own understanding of his apostolic authority?  Had he seen and understood things about the Lord that the other Apostles had not, despite the fact that he was not one of the twelve?
  • Does this relationship have any bearing on Paul’s understanding of Old Testament interpretation, fulfilment and recapitulation for those who are “in Christ” by the Holy Spirit?

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