A New Mission Statement For Our Church

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Our mission is to glorify God through obedience to Jesus Christ, he has commanded us to believe in him and love one another as he loved us.

The astounding truth of Jesus’ gospel is that God pronounces righteous all those who come to him in repentance and faith, overlooking our sin because of Jesus’ death on the cross. Just as he spoke and created all things from nothing, what he has spoken about us he brings into being.  Having declared us righteous he transforms us into a truly righteous people. We are born again as children of God and we are remade in the image of Christ, growing up in love and being full of joy and peace by the Spirit living in us. This wonderful gift he gives freely to all who believe.

This is the gospel of Jesus Christ which we are called to live and to share with all people, making disciples by baptising them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching therm to obey everything he has taught us, that the Earth may be full of the glory of God!

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